Doğukan ŞEN

Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation keeps the records of Çankaya Municipality’s real estates which mainly include providing their follow-up and control, providing its evaluation and giving suggestions about them by determining their usage.

Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation carries out the duties of leasing business places in possession of Çankaya Municipality; performing operations regarding the leasing of municipal real estate as per the state bidding laws, the assignment of municipal real estate to public organizations or institutions and regarding leases and adequate pays; Keeping records of municipal immovable properties; identification, realization and collection of annual rent increase rates for the lessees and effractors of our municipality; preparing for the sales transactions of the real estate of our municipality, tracking the legal procedures regarding plots that are required to be expropriated, handling the assignment work regarding the neighborhood market places of Çankaya; performing works related to tracking and registration of real estate that is in possession of our Municipality; handling the operations of allocating real estate to state institutions in case of necessity and assigning rights of usufruct and easement; carrying out operations regarding the purchase of real estate for our Municipality from natural and legal persons in cases of necessity; providing the construction or purchasing new service buildings, public housing, office buildings, shops and workplaces for the Municipality.

The Directorate also controls the effective and productive usage of car following system and determines misusage and implements sanctions when necessary. Keeping the equipment and vehicles up-to-date, researches need to be conducted within the Directorate in order to find new technologies on using city information center technologies in the services of transportation and logistics and repairing the vehicles and preparing report for the vehicles which are not in good conditions and engage in sale or disposing process afterwards if necessary are also in Directorate’s responsibilities.