Selami İNCE

Directorate of Press and Public Relations provides the information of Municipality services to the public, builds up a good and effective contact with target audiences to have better understanding and appreciation regarding the Municipality.

Preparing daily press summary, clipping subjects about the Municipality and ensuring contact of the press with the Mayor; inviting members of the press and the media and providing their attendance to those various activities and events performed by Çankaya Municipality; meeting the members of the press participating in programs organized by our Municipality and in addition to the submission of the prepared press releases; by showing the appropriate points in which they can shoot, ensuring the organization of the participants; writing the news of the activities and events conducted by our Municipality and sending the written news with the photos taken to the local and national media; ensuring the interview of our Mayor in local and national media and the participation of our Mayor to the television and radio programs and making the necessary studies for the preparation of the newsletter Gazete Çankaya in which the activities of our Municipality take place in.