Zeynep ÖZEN

In order to obtain herbal materials for the Municipality needs, the Directorate of Parks and Gardens provides services of establishing and improving greenhouse and nursery areas as well as producing or buying herbal materials. The directrate implements or receives planting works (General forestation, road and refuge forestation), installs irrigation and lightening equipment into green areas and provides and installs benches, trashes, city furniture etc.

The Directorate keeps their periodical maintenances, or outsources the related services, prepares or receives seasonal and periodical pruning programs regarding the trees within the Municipality borders in the places which was and will be established as the recreation park, children’s playground, sports facilities, pedestrian areas and green space in the development plan, design the study and project details required for the organization of it, if necessary, by working in cooperation with the related Directorate to make the application pf it or make it done by the way of tender; making parks and squares which is in the plans and considered as one of the tasks of Çankaya Municipality; preparing and implementing all kinds of implementation projects by means of parks and green areas projects of the Municipality; carrying out studies regarding determination, utilization and coordination of open and green areas and active or passive recreational areas within the city texture; performing technical studies, to specify the plant material suitable for the conditions in Çankaya, to grow it up and to increase the plant quality; informing the unit of planning in case of any detection of defects and material errors within the approval of the Presidential Office; carrying out grass cultivation, mowing and maintenance; establishing of the watering system in the green areas, the provision, mounting, repair and maintenance of the park accessories such as benches and urban furniture are the main duties of the Directorate.