Bülent ÇEVİK

The main duty of Directorate of Municipal Police Department is to fulfil the responsibilities and utilize the authorities that are required by laws, legislations and regulations in order to protect the order, public peace and health within boundaries of Çankaya Municipality. The Directorate implements the decisions taken by the City Council and committee and complies with the lawful orders and instructions from the Mayor.

Preventing trespassing into movable and immovable assets of the Municipality, preventing street hawkers from acting contrary to the Municipality’s regulations in public areas and people from occupying pavements in a way to cover other people’s business sites; preventing vehicles from occupying roads, areas allocated for people and pavements via stopping, waiting or parking; preventing unauthorized sale of newspapers, magazines and books at public roads, pavements or squares; preventing unauthorized sale of books, cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs containing works protected by Law No. 5846 Intellectual and Artistic Works at public places such as bazaars, fairs, squares, auctions, roads, markets, port sides, bridges and to collect these materials and deliver to the authorized bodies; entering public places to perform required audits, to request documents subject to auditing from the owner or the manager and to keep minutes, and implementing legal sanctions to buildings, houses or business sites, for which vacation or destruction order or decision has been given by authorized bodies and warning and admonish people that make noise at public places, pollute the environment and restrain transportation at bazaars and fairs, to apply legal transactions about the ones that do not comply with the warnings are some of the main powers of the municipal police.

In order to provide more peaceful and tranquil conditions to public of Çankaya, our municipal police provide services without interruption for 24 hours a day, including national holidays.