Directore of Municipal Enterprices hold duties in running municipal corporations, business and other organizations with the effective flow of information, consultation, cooperation, with efficient use of resources, planning, employment issues such as ensuring effective coordination by make every attempt possible. The directorate is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a strategic management system for Çankaya Municipality as a whole to ensure the achievement of the Municipality`s strategic objectives and its developmental and service delivery obligations.

Building stategic management of the effective and efficient provision of services to the local community to ensure that services are delivered in a sustainable and equitable manner; developing and monitoring policies at the strategic management level to ensure its proposefulness and efficiency such as the flow of information, consultation, cooperation, utilization of resources, and planning issues with the Municipal companies and other organizations; supporting researching and development activities required for trading and sectoral fields; contributing in-service training and the their relationship with the authorized unions of the company, managing and other organizations staff and contributing the execution of all necessary business and process issues issues of the transfer, sale, and liquidation of currently Municipal companies and partnerships are the main duties of the Directorate.