Önder Ali Demirtaş

The Directorate of Busıness License And Supervision provides the certification and inspection services on public relaxation and entertainment places which take place in Çankaya district to guarantee the sanitation level, licenses of all the establishments and institutions, and controls and audit them and to make them work in accordance with the orders and regularities.

The directorate receives the license applications of the sanitary establishments, inspects the workplace on site in accordance with the respective regulations, issues business licenses to workplaces meeting the requirements after taking the approval of the respective institutions and directorates in compliance with the respective regulations and reports the information of workplaces not meeting the conditions to the respective directorates and organizations with regard to their closure.

Inspecting the complaints from citizens and/or the correspondences received from the public organizations and institutions on site after assessing issue like the joint inspections; carrying out inspections in terms of human health and food stuff hygiene in the Rest and Recreation areas, sanitary and non-utility businesses within the borders of Çankaya District are the main tasks of the Directorate.