Inspectors of the Directorate of Inspection Committee are entitled to see and request information, books, documents and papers from the Directorates and related units they are inspecting, auditing and investigating, to confiscate these or their certified copies or originals if on copy is present in case they constitute an evidence with regard to a corruption, to inspect and enumerate storehouse and warehouses, to seal these, to request assistance in these inspections and enumerations, when necessary, to assign personnel regarding these issues and when necessary, to request information and documents from any directorates.

Inspectors, promptly start an investigation by collecting the required documents when an element of a crime is detected during the inspections, audits and investigations. They request a permit from The Mayor for the inspection of the officers and the supervisors in charge. The respective people are liable to promptly reply or do what's necessary.

Carrying out all inspection, auditing, research and investigation tasks of the municipal organization and if existing, the affiliate organizations with regard to their activities and procedures of all kinds in compliance with the respective laws, codes, regulations and circulars; preparing proposals required for the successful fulfillment of the municipality's purposes of meeting the local and common needs of the dwellers of the town in compliance with the regulations, plans and programs and to forward them to the Mayor; promptly taking in hand, in compliance with the principles of investigation which the perpetrators are subject to, a situation where a corruption which they have come across during inspections and investigation and which is beyond their duty orders is present and to collect evidences in any case where any delay of action may result in loss of evidences; reporting opinions with regard to the necessary measures that can be taken in order to maintain the implementation of the regulations at the desired standards by investigating and researching the possibility of troubleshooting and resolving inefficiencies observed carrying out the duties assigned by the Mayor with regard to private regulations and the suchlike duties are main duties of the Directorate.