Directorate of Information Processing determines Çankaya Municipality’s medium and long term data processing policies within the annual program and does the necessary works in order to achieve the determined objectives by producing continuous solutions related to software and hardware, by meeting the necessities of our department related to information without letting any problem or necessity to occur and to make our muncipality to gain new information Technologies and presenting the efficient and suitable usage of information technologies with the help of active coordination to the units of our Municipality.

The Directorate sets up Data Processing Systems by cooperating with Municipality’s main departments and relevant departments. Directorate also operates Information Systems, maintain and repair when necessary. Directorate performs the data processing services with the relevant departments which facilitates coordination and provide cooperation with respect to data processing projects between the Directorates. Under certain circumstances, Directorate cooperate with other state institutions and organizations in determining the data processing standards, following up the developments by using up-to-date data processing hardware and software.

Making the technical support related to the existing software, hardware and program needs of the Directorates; making the maintenances and updates of the programs installed by the Municipality on the existing computers; making the establishment and updates of the hardware and software of all the affiliates inside and outside the municipal Directorates of all computer and computer products in line with the developing information technologies, assessing the needs of the information processing, providing the necessary technical support, assisting the provision of the coordinated work within the related units, in this context, supporting the determination, establishment and activation processes of the pc and printer hardware needs; maintaining and keeping the functionality of the computer pc, printers, uninterruptible power supplies, copiers, projection systems, faxes and all the other hardware and software systems and carrying out the procedures of designing, establishing, operating and updating the Municipality’s English web site coordination with the Directorate of Foreign Affairs are the main tasks of the Directorate.