Umut Berker SEVİLMİŞ

The main aim of the Directorate of Foreign Affairs of Çankaya Municipality is to carry out studies in coordination with relevant departments in order to develop local democracy and to offer services provided by the municipality to international standards based on effective management, quality service and contemporary urban understanding defined as the ''New Generation Municipality''. All studies undertaken in this area is carried out in line with the principles set out in the European Urban Charter, and by taking committed standards into account promised by the World Health Organization's Healthy Cities Network and gender equality.

The Directorate follows all the examples, models, programs and projects related to the local government activities, provides information, experience and practice exchange with other local government of different countries in order to realize international joint projects. Directorate of Foreign Affairs establishes sister city relations and performs studies in order to transfer other country’s urban experiences to Çankaya. The Directorate also prepares foreign daily press summary and carries out the procedures of forming and translating relevant documents for the Municipality’s English web site in coordination with the Directorate of Information Processing and makes the all other document translations of Çankaya Municipality.

Making the necessary efforts to develop the relations of the municipality with national and international organizations, local government networks and non-governmental organizations related to local administrations, realizing memberships with the eligible organizations and participating actively in the related activities; coordinating our municipal work in the area of gender equality, providing coordination with all the units to prepare our municipality for the EU and conducting necessary studies in the process of European Union candidacy of our country; establishing partnerships and sister city relations with foreign municipalities, especially with European Union member countries and developing strategic project partnerships, organizing related events and developing sister city cooperations between our municipality and other municipalities of our country in order to ensure the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices; organizing overseas cultural and technical inspection visits for senior managers, councilors and related staff of the municipality according to their fields, preparing projects by working in coordination with relevant units of the municipality and carrying out the necessary studies for financing to support the project implementations; working for the branding of the city by attracting more investment into municipal boundaries and improving tourism capacity and strengthening the administrative and technical management capacity of the municipality in this direction; organizing exchange programs, seminars and conferences for the development of administrative and technical capacity, hosting permanent representations of embassies and international organizations within the municipal boundaries in best way, and establishing activities to enrich city life, especially in social and cultural areas, within the framework of good bilateral relations, developing and supporting good relations with public institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations in order to support the successful implementation of strategic priorities; developing programs and projects to ensure collective integration of disadvantaged groups living in the city; and contributing to the solution by participating in programs and projects developed against the effects of global and regional problems, especially climate change and refugees are among the main duties of the Directorate of Foreign Affairs of Çankaya Municipality.