Directorate of Financial Services implements and prepares the revenue and expenditure budgets of our Municipality; draws out the final accounts; keeps transparency in account and record layout; ensures accountability and uniformity; prevents of unrecorded transactions; makes the transactions accounted in a healthy and safe manner in accordance with their true nature and prepare and broadcast the financial statements in a timely manner; accurate and according to the basic concepts of the accounting and within the framework of the generally accepted principles of accounting and budget in compliance with the international standards to meet the information needs of management and other relevant persons and will constitute the basic for drawing out the final account to ensure that the processes of the decision, control and accountability are running efficiently.

Preparing the Municipal Budget and monitoring the compliance of them to the municipal activities; keeping the records of the budgets, to collect and evaluate the data regarding the results of the budget implementation and prepare the budget final account and financial statistics; providing the necessary information and advice to the authorizing officers of spending and the top executive about the implementation of other related legislation concerning the financial laws; identifying the taxpayers about the municipal revenues, to execute the procedures of tax calculation, accrual and notification, to follow the unpaid receivables; paying the expenses of the procurement of goods, services and construction; carrying out the works of coordinating the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program of the administration and consolisating the results and the preliminary financial control activity; conducting studies on the subjects of establishing the internal control system, implementing and improving their standards and organizing the condensed statements regarding the movable and unmovable properties possesed or used by the Municipality are the main duties of the Directorate.

The Directorate also keeps budget records, collects data on the results of budget implementation, evaluates and prepares the final budget accounts and financial statistics. The Directorate uses accrues revenue administration within the framework of relevant legislation, and keeps track of revenues and receivable and charged conduction their transactions. Spending units are based on unit activity reports that are prepared by the administration of the movable and immovable property or relating to the use of summary charts. In addition, the Directorate authorizes the necessary information, to be taken for the consulting on the implementation of other legislation related to financial issues to top director.