Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs adopted the principle to make Çankaya the capital of art and culture with social solidarity, and protection of city identity which is sensitive to the cultural heritage. The directorate implements modern and permanent services aiming to increase social assistance, to form city awareness and culture via cultural and social events realized all over Çankaya and provide services dedicate to letting the city dwellers access, produce, implement and generalize information for educational, social, cultural, artistic and economic development by carrying out training, research and social service activities at global level.

The directorate ensures the cultural and social development of the citizens with leading practices; produces knowledge-based, high-standard knowledge and generate urban awareness within the cultural and social activities held throughout the city; contributes our citizen’s being sensitive individuals who have gained the knowledge and the skills to meet the evolving needs of the century we live in, are developing from cultural and social aspects, self-confident and deal with the problems of the residence and the community.

Providing citizens to assess their free times effectively by implementing programs with social, cultural, artistic content to contribute in urban integration and to accelerate the urbanization process; developing the awareness of citizenship, environment, peace, friendship and solidarity among citizens and supporting and organizing fairs, exhibitions, bazaars, shows, seminaries, conferences, symposiums, contests, music and entertainment programs to protect historical and cultural possessions of Çankaya District.