Directorate of Construction Control ensures the realization of proper construction in accordance with law within the boundaries of Çankaya and checks whether the structure is built in compliance with the license and its annexes or the audit firm undertaking the scientific responsibility constructs the structure in conformity with the law. The Directorate makes periodical controls in the Municipality areas (with or without zoning plan; Beytepe, Yakupabdal, Karataş, Mühye, Kömürcü, Çavuşlu, Tohumlar, Evciler, Karahasanlı, Yaylaköy) in case of illegal and uncertificated construction.

The Directorate controls purchasing of goods and services, of consultancy services and construction works by the units of the Municipality prepared according to all the current tender laws and related legislation; develops plans and programs according to the current or future policies of the Municipality to prepare budgets and to ensure submission of these plans, programs and budget and is responsible of implementation of all the works and procedures according to the principles of efficiency.

Within a regular program, the Directorate executes the task of building controls, make the on-site examination for surface structure and progress payments, perform the demolition of the structures made in violation of the law and whose demolition has been decided and carry out the guard duty on weekends and holidays. Checking the progress payments regarding the construction of building inspection firms and perform the necessary procedures for the payment and send them to the relevant Directorate for the payment by checking the progress payments of the constructions whose visas are arranged; issuing certificates to buildings that are constructed by being inspected according to the building inspection law; taking action on complaints and illegal construction within the boundaries of the Çankaya Municipality are the main tasks of the Directorate.