Directorate of Cleaning Services sustains cleaning activities under a strategic and seasonal plan and budget, improves the current cleaning system finds new systems and implements immediately with a sense of responsibility.

The Directorate of Cleaning Services cleanes the main arteries, streets, alleys, squares, pavements, blank fields, market places and similar places across Çankaya Municipality and collects the existing garbage by working according to an organized program in the buildings and apartments which are used as residence, business, private and public buildings and in the other areas within the boundaries of the Municipality, the Directorate provides the transportation transactions of the collected garbage and ensures the health and cleanness of the environment.

The Directorate also picks up the daily city wastes from the area of Municipality carries them to compilation center, provides clean roads and streets by daily cleaning treatments and makes corporation with public for cleaning services and to hold events and activities for this purpose. Further cleaning tasks includes cleaning the market space and to taking the wastes out and cleaning the septic tanks with charge (should drainage is not available). Besides, the Directorate also supports other organisations during the natural disaster.

Collecting all kinds of garbage produced within the boundaries of our Municipality; providing the transportation of the collected garbage to the disposal site and keeping the time scoring of the vehicles entering the disposal site; collecting wastes other than garbage and trash, scoria and rubbles in a programmed way across the district which are in the schools, other official institutions and residence of our residents living within the boundaries of our Municipality; removing the sand, mud and soil deposits accumulated in the bottom of the sidewalk through cleaning them; providing the cleaning of the roads and streets which are under the responsibility of our Municipality according to the organized program and implementing the cleaning of the places of the worships within the related program; providing public awareness by organizing cleaning programs within the bondries of Çankaya District; making studies and researches on environment; organizing activities which improve the public environmental awareness and providing the participation of the public; supporting the projects and plans related to the development of the environment prepared by the other institutions and organizations and participating in the conductged studies; ensuring the regular collection, separation, removal and disposal of solid waste in accordance with the standards specificed in the Regulation of Solid Waste Control and conducting studies on this subject; by ensuring the packaging waste to be collected seperately from the household waste at source, in order to gain them back to the economy, tand conduct studies by preparing related plans and projects are the main duties of the Directorate.