Mrs. Gülsün Bor Güner was born in 1974 in Ankara. She completed her secondary school and high school education in TED Ankara College and Ankara Atatürk Anadolu High School. She graduated from Ankara University Department of Public Finance, Faculty of Political Sciences in 1996. Afterwards she began working for the Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry, Undersecreteriat of Treasury, General Directorate of Budget Monitoring and Public Finance.

She prepared her thesis on 'Measuring the Effectiveness and Performance of Public Expenditures' and became "Expert" in 2000.She went to the US in order to take master degree in finance from George Washington University as a scholarship student in the same year. After completing her 2-year master's program, she worked as a "short-term consultant" at the World Bank.

She served as an "Expert" and "Branch Manager" in the Internal Debt Management Department of the Undersecretariat of Treasury, General Directorate of Public Finance in 2003. She was appointed as the "Economic Conselor" to the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. and had been responsible for the development of economic relations between the US and Turkey.

She returned to the Undersecretariat of Treasury General Directorate of Public Finance in 2013. During this period, she also worked as short term consultant for IMF (International Money Fund) and carried out "Mongolia Ministry of Finance’s Improvement of Cash Management Capacity Project" on behalf of IMF's Finance Department.

Mrs. Gülsün Bor Güner attended numerous international meetings and conferences as speaker. She gave lectures on topics of public cash and debt management in educational programs, organized by different institutions and organizations. She has published articles on Domestic Borrowing in Turkey and IMF - Turkey Relations.

She currently serves as the "Deputy Mayor of Çankaya" responsible for the following Directorates of Çankaya Municipality: “Directorate of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Woman and Family Services, Directorate of Cultural And Social Affairs, Directorate of Social Welfare Affairs, Directorate of Press And Public Relations, Directorate Of Mukhtarship Affairs”.