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Çankaya Municipality’s 2020 budget is 1 billion 30 million Turkish Liras. The number of personnel working under Çankaya Municipality is 4617 by the end of 2019, including public servants, permanent workers and the staff working under the Municipality’s companies and other related service procurements.

Çankaya Municipality’s organizational structure can be divided into several headings. Its institutional structure is composed of Municipal Council, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayors and Service Units.


Municipal Council consists of 45 council members.

  • Amongst 45 council members, 6 of them belong to Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (Justice and Development Party) and 1 is from İYİ PARTİ (Eng: Good Party). So that majority of the council members (38) was selected from Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (Eng: Republican People’s Party).
  • The Council is separated into two groups and into several commissions according to areas of expertise. First group is composed of 9 commissions which are; the Commission on Budget Planning and Program, the Commission on Construction Affairs, the Commission on Health Issues, the Commission on Environmental Affairs, the Commission on Appellation, the Commission on Legal Affairs, the Commission on Educational Affairs, the Commission on Estate and the Commission on Human Rights.
  • The second grouping is also composed of 9 commissions which are; the Commission on EU and International Relations, the Commission on Cultural Affairs, the Commission on Youth and Sports Affairs, the Commission on Social Affairs, the Commission on Tariffs, The Commission on Tradesman and Consumer Rights, the Commission on Tourism, the Commission on Seniors and Handicapped Affairs, the Commission on Gender Equality.

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Council Working Commissions Municipal Commitee

  • Municipal Committee with 6 members
  • 4 Deputy Mayors
  • 27 Directors

The directorates directly depend on Mayor

  • Directorate of Private Secreteriat
  • Directorate of Inspection Commitee
  • Directorate of Law Affairs
  • Internal Audit Unit

By the end of 2019, Çankaya Municipality has 1802 permanent personnel: 1128 public servants and 674 permanent workers, in addition to that, 2815 personnel work within Municipality’s companies.