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Çankaya is the metropolitan district of Ankara. As the headquarters of country's legislative, executive and judicial structure; Çankaya is also a centre for political, professional, economic and governmental bodies. She hosts major artistic and cultural activities as well as representing history of new Republic and modernisation movement of Turkey. While the residential population of Çankaya is 914,501 (2013) it, exceeds 2 millions by day. Therefore she is seen as a “capital within capital”. Also a centre for education and research with four state and six private universities, more than 100,000 university students are resident in Çankaya.


EVS (European Voluntary Service) is part of ERASMUS+ Programme promoted by European Union to enhance mobility of young people through international projects. It enables young people to exercise voluntary activities in NGOs or public institutions located in other countries. Thanks to its intercultural dimension and non-formal approach, EVS is a unique opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and acquire new skills and abilities to be used personal and professional growth.

Volunteering is a commitment contract in a specified period involving a triangular partnership: The volunteer, the sending organisation and the hosting organisation. EVS is not an internship, a professional training, a youth employment, a language course, a period of study abroad, tourism or an exploitation of cheap labor.

EVS is free of charge. Travel expenses, accommodation, food, health insurance and monthly allowance are covered. At the end of their EVS volunteers receive a certificate called Youthpass.

Çankaya Municipality has been accredited to conduct EVS as coordinator, sending and receiving organisation.



Part-Time Volunteering




To help a cause (humanitarian, charitable, civic reasons) and to develop personnal and professional skills


Help other people (humanitarian, charitable, civic reasons)


Earn Money,
Increase skills


Develop skills in a profession




Moral benefits.

No salary



Indemnity or experience (if unpaid)



Full-time activity for a specified period (between 2 and 12 months for EVS)

Occasional activity.
Besides his professional time, family time or studies

Full-time or part-time activity

Full-time or part-time activity


More flexible then internship and work since duties might be not so clear and can be defined with Hosting Organization. Defined by a contract

Not defined by a contract.

Defined by a contract

Defined by a contract



Compulsory social insurance (CIGNA)

No special social insurance

social insurance


social insurance



The European Voluntary Service offers to the applicants the opportunity to conduct their mission in NGOs or public institutions committed to different thematics:

• Art and culture
• Social, environment
• Heritage protection
• Media and information for young people
• Combating exclusions
• Racism and xenophobia
• Health
• Economies of solidarity
• Sport
• Cultural diversity
• The future of Europe and others...


An EVS mission may last from 2 to 12 months. Every individual can do an EVS mission just once in their life, except some cases in which a short-term experience (2 months) can be followed by a long-term mission not overcoming 10 months.


In order to apply for an EVS, the following conditions need to be satisfied:

• Young people age between 18 to 30. In certain cases, projects may accept 17 years old individuals.
• Must be legally resident in one of the countries participating in the programme or in one of the partner countries. The EVS must be outside the country of residence.
• No training, experience or qualifications are required.
• No condition for knowledge of language but a basic level of English is often recommended.

Nevertheless, it is possible to apply for projects in countries of which the applicant know the language even if the one does not know Englİsh (e.g. You can go to France or Belgium if you speak french, Spain if you speak spanish,...).


The list of countries in which is possible to conduct an EVS project is the following:

Programme Countries:The 28 EU Member States, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Turkey.

Neighbouring Partner Countries :South East Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Eastern Europe and Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine.

Mediterranean Partner Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Syria, Tunisia.


 Find a sending organisation from the Database of European Voluntary Service accredited Organisations.

- Contact the sending organization you selected and schedule an appointment with them to know each others and define the next steps.
- Browse the Database of volunteering opportunities,find one or more placements that you like and you want to apply for. İt is preferrable to apply for more than one projects in order to increase the possibility to be accepted.
- Prepare your application. Every application requires the following documents : a motivation letter and a CV in Europass Format
- You can find more information on how to write a motivational letter and CV in the section related to DOCUMENTS.
- Collect all the documents and bring/send to your sending organization that will provide to contact the hosting organizations.
There are three deadlines per year for the EVS application: 2 February, 26 April and 4 October 2016.



Arrival of Carla, 1st EVS volunteer in Çankaya Municipality, 3 november 2015

Cultural excursion in Capadoccia for EVSers and AISECers, 27th december 2015


EVS informational meeting with System And Generation NGO, Çankaya Municipality, 21 january 2016


- National Agencies - promoting and realizing the program at national level, they are the link between European Commission, youth and organizations taking part into the projects.

- SALTO - This platform offers educational training and cooperations to improve quality of education and non-formal learning.

- Eurodesk – It provides youngers and organizations targeted to them with information educational, working and studying opportunities.

Eurodesk Europe:

Eurodesk Turkey:

- Ex-EVS Volunteers’ platform - It aims to promote EVS, give support to past, present and future volunteer, favour mobility and communication between youngers.

- Youth networks - Sharing volunteer opportunities and projects for EVS in Europe

- European Youth Portal. You can find the Database of EVS accredited organisations and EVS opportunities.


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