The historic guesthouse of Mülkiyeliler Association, which is located in the busiest street of Kızılay, Yüksel Street, was transformed into a cultural center with the arrangement made by the Çankaya Municipality. The building was originally reconstructed in accordance with the protocol aiming to protect the building as a cultural treasure and transfer it to the future. There was a series of expansion work in the interior spaces of the building during the refurbishment by sticking to the external view. When the building is completed, it will serve as a science, culture and art area for citizens of Ankara and the name will be Mülkiye Cultural Center.

The project will include an entrance floor exhibition hall and a café, a virtual library and reading room on first floor, a full-size conference room with a capacity of 110 people on the second floor, and an atelier and studio with artistic activities on the third floor. The studio will be given the name of writer, translator and publisher Oktay Etiman, an important figure in the 68 generation, who has lost his life recently.