Mr. Alper Taşdelen was born in Çankaya District of Ankara, Turkey in 1974.

He completed his primary education at Çankaya Primary School, secondary and high school education at TED Ankara College.

In 1996, he received his bachelor’s degree from the Department of International Relations of Faculty of Social Sciences from Ankara University.

In 1998, he took his master degree inthe branch of International Relations from Columbia University. At the same time, he completed Middle East Institute of Columbia University and received his "Middle East Expertise".

He wrote his lecture thesis on "The Municipal Role in Contemporary Urban Development" by taking the lecture of "Contemporary Municipalism and Urban Governance" from former New York Mayor, Mr. David Dinkins.

In 1996, he participated in the 20th Congress of the Socialist International as the "Youngest Delegate" with Mr. Erdal İnönü and Mr. Deniz Baykal.

Between 2000 and 2001 he did journalism as a diplomacy and politics reporter at Kanal D (Turkish TV Channel).

Between 2001 and 2003 he worked as the Advisor to the Prime Minister in the 57th Government Period established by Mr. Bülent Ecevit.

Afterwards he moved to private sector and undertook the duty of "Assistant General Manager in Charge of External Relations" in Petroleum Agency Inc. where he worked for ten years.

In 2010, he took place in the "Party Assembly Science and Culture Platform List" of General Chairman Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu at the 15th CHP (Republican People's Party) Extraordinary Meeting.

In 2011, he participated in the General Elections as "CHP Ankara 2nd Region Deputy Candidate."

Mr. Alper Taşdelen was elected as Mayor of Çankaya Municipality by taking 65% of votes in March 30, 2014 Local Elections of Turkey as CHP candidate.

He is fluent in English. There are numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines in the fields of foreign policy and politics and local governments he wrote.

Mr. Alper Taşdelen is married and has two children.