Mr. Lütfü Şervan was born in 1960 in Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık. He completed his Primary-Secondary-High school education at Pazarcık High School. He graduated from the Department of Geophysical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, İstanbul University in 1984. He worked in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, publicly known as “the Second Bosphorus Bridge” between 1987 - 1989. He worked as the Deputy Director of Science Affairs in Altındağ Municipality between 1989-1995. He served as the "Director of Construction Arts Branch, Deputy Director of Reconstruction, Director of Construction Control and Director of Technical Works" in Çankaya Municipality between 1995-2019.

He has currently undertaking the duty of "Deputy Mayor of Çankaya" in charge of the Directorates of Technical Works, Cleaning Services, Parks and Gardens, Veterinary Services, Environmental Protection and Control Department.